MEI – Improve Prefab & Field Productivity & Leveraging BIM – September 28, 2016

Improve Prefabrication and Field Productivity with Design Standardization
Design Standardization is the ability to systematize the deliverables from the design group in order to
increase design throughput, increase field productivity and escalate the volume of prefabrication
utilized. This session will outline the steps necessary to properly assess your current operations,
define the products of the design group, identify issues that inhibit the design process and craft
solutions that will overcome the challenges identified.

Leveraging BIM to Drive Scalable Prefabrication
Best in class electrical contractors bring 20-30% of their field labor hours into the
prefabrication shop at an average productivity improvement of 30%. One of the key tools contractors
utilize to enable this level of prefabrication is building information modeling (BIM). BIM enables
contractors to build a virtual prototype of every project, bringing significant increases in
productivity, profitability and the elimination of re-fabrication. Additional benefits of BIM
include improvements in visualization, pre-planning, layout, supply chain management and owner
turnover. This course will discuss best practices being deployed by contractors to increase
productivity and prefabrication via BIM. These best practices include product standardization,
digital prototyping, digital manufacturing and supply chain management. This program demonstrates
how BIM can be integrated into the lifecycle of projects from
design through installation and turnover to maximize profitability and owner satisfaction.

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