Legislative/Public Affairs Update
Prepared by Ralph Lufen
Creative Training Services
February 2017
The following is an update on recent developments covering legislative and public affairs issues which impact our industry:
2017 Colorado General Assembly
The Colorado General Assembly is once again in session. The Senate is comprised of 18 Republicans and 17 Democrats. The House is comprised of 37 Democrats and 28 Republicans.
Among the major issues to be addressed by the 2017 Assembly are Highway Infrastructure, the State Budget (now at $28 Billion), the Colorado Health Exchange, Construction Defects, Affordable Housing, the Hospital Provider Fee, Energy/Environment and Public School Funding.
Proposed legislation that will have more of a direct impact on our industry concerns qualifications of electrical inspectors who perform inspections in the residential market sector under 12-23-115 of the current Electrical Profession Statute. We will keep you apprised of developments re this legislation.
Building Jobs4Colorado Coalition
RMC-NECA Chapter representatives participated in the recent annual construction industry reception for our State Legislators. The Building Jobs4Colorado Coalition is an umbrella group of various construction industry trade associations whose main objectives focus on State and Local legislative/regulatory issues as well as work force development, equitable construction contract language and best practices which positively impact contractors and the customers we serve.
City of Denver
The City of Denver Auditor’s Office recently updated the City’s Prevailing Wage ordinance that was originally adopted in the 1950’s. City Auditor Tim O’Brien assembled a working group which included contractors, union leaders and developers for input. The revised ordinance clarifies when prevailing wages apply, increases the penalties for willful non-compliance and non-reporting, removes legal obstacles in the debarment process and establishes a more equitable dispute resolution process so that differences can be resolved without lengthy litigation. The working group will also be maintained to serve as an advisory body to Auditor O’Brien’s Office to help facilitate resolution of wage classifications and other disputes that arise.
Our thanks to Craig Clark of Dynalectric and Rusty Gonzales of St. Andrews Construction Services for providing input as participants in this stakeholders working group.
To read more details on the revised ordinance go to www.denvergov.org/auditor.

Should you have any questions or concerns regarding legislative/regulatory issues that may impact our industry please contact the Chapter. In the event that you need information regarding elected officials who represent you, we can also provide you with that information.
“The impact of politics is becoming too important to be left entirely up to the politicians”.